Even small amounts of fruit and vegetables are beneficial

A new study—the first of its kind—explains how even moderate intake of fruit, vegetables and legumes may lower a person’s risk of heart disease and death. This is good news for those who think they can’t afford to get the recommended amount of fruits, veggies and legumes every day. “Previous research, and many dietary guidelines […]

9 Healthy Fall Foods

Take a moment, a quiet moment to reflect on your overall health and well-being. Now picture your body in good health. I mean in really Good Health, including healthy body weight, improved overall mood, less inflammation, less fatigue and well, happier. Imagine a choice of foods that were tasty, nutritious and good for your health […]

What is all the talk about Farro

What is all the talk about Farro and why has it taken the US by storm? Farro is a type of wheat often referred to as an “ancient grain,”.   I consider it one of the true healing foods. Farro originated in the Fertile Crescent, (also known as the cradle of civilization) Western Asia, the […]

The Good News about Inflammation

How could having Inflammation be good news Inflammation is the body’s normal response to injuries or infections. The good news about inflammation is that if you are experiencing it, your body is providing you valuable intel of a problem and at the same time, working on a solution. Thats is pretty amazing when you think […]

Give Peas a Chance

Hippeas- Give Peas a Chance One of my favorite things about being a food and fitness blogger is trying new products and sharing them with my peeps. Today, I invite you to “Give Peas a Chance!” More specifically, Hippeas™, a line of organic chickpea puffs that have me shouting “Power to the Peaple”. Hippeas™organic chickpea […]